California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California
Friday Afternoon, August 3rd

 The JPL technical tour begins in the von Karman auditorium where attendees will get an overview / history of JPL and watch the movie Journey to the Planets and Beyond.  From there, visitors will enjoy the von Karman museum, which exhibits models of spacecraft, touch-screen monitors, and items such as meteorites from the comet Vesta and a moon rock.  Two facilities that are often visited on a tour of JPL are the Spacecraft Assembly Facility and the Space Flight Operations Facility.  The Spacecraft Assembly Facility is where the JPL technicians and engineers are currently assembling the Mars 2020 spacecraft.  The Spacecraft Assembly Facility is a clean room facility. It is a class 10,000 room, which means per cubic foot there are 10,000 or fewer dust particles.  Technicians and engineers wear “bunny suits” to keep the spacecraft from coming in contact with hair and skin.  The Space Flight Operations Facility is where JPL has the Deep Space Network. Developed and managed by JPL, the Deep Space Network monitors radio transmissions to determine the health and precise location of each spacecraft, as well as data from the instruments aboard. Also on the tour is the Mars Yard where the Mars Rover test bed is located. The test bed is used to test drive a Mars Rover test vehicle to simulate conditions on Mars. 

The JPL tour is scheduled for 2 PM on Friday, August 3, 2018. The tour is limited to 55 people at a cost of $30.00 per person ($40.00 after June 25, 2018) and is available on a first come basis. The tour length is estimated to be 2.5 hours. Buses will depart from the Long Beach Convention Center promptly at 12:00 PM for JPL, so be there on time. Snacks will be provided on the return trip. For more information on JPL, visit  


Please Note:  The following requirements must be met in order to participate on the tour. All tour registrants will receive an email from JPL following registration. Please reply immediately to the email to ensure you can take the tour! The email will provide a link to tour registrants who are required to enter their personal information (including passport and visa, if applicable) and submit the request to JPL directly for access to the tour areas. 

Deadlines to Submit Information:
US CITIZENS:  AT LEAST 3 BUSINESS DAYS PRECEDING THE TOUR for US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents and non-designated country foreign nationals (countries with which the US has friendly relations). 
FOREIGN NATIONAL TOUR ATTENDEES FROM DESIGNATED COUNTRIES (countries with which the US has no diplomatic relations): REQUIRE 21 DAYS TO PROCESS.  
In addition, all tour attendees are required on site to show a current photo ID or valid passport to gain entrance to JPL; there will be no exceptions.

PLEASE NOTE:  No refunds will be provided due to failure of the tour attendee to submit the required personal information by the deadlines noted above.

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